We are a designer and producer company based in Lima, Peru, specialized in children’s handmade knits, and with more than 20 years exporting our products. We are not a mass production factory; but rather an “atelier” that produces unique sweaters, dolls and accessories for children and our goal is to have happy knits to wear and to enjoy, to be comfortable and to feel special!

For it, we look for concepts that are valid everywhere, and fashionable and also timeless. And with this in mind, we use basic colors and shapes, simple patterns, clean forms and transparent ideas.   The emphasis in the design and quality control, together with the high quality cotton yarn and the craftsmanship level of the many people, mostly women that participate in the production of these knits has given us the confidence to offer you this knits collection.

 For me, it’s important to mention the outstanding collaboration of the many men and women, skilled artisans that work with us for the accomplishment of our work, helping with their lifetime experience, and many times, teaching us about knitting details, stitches, embroidery or crochet finish due to their rich textile tradition, millennial old as we can see in the inheritance from the past cultures that flourished in these lands.

Also I want to mention about the excellent natural fiber we use for the knits, which is the Peruvian Cotton that our environment has provided, due to the ideal growing conditions of the coastal valleys where it is cultivated and which has earned world recognition. Because of this fine quality and the fact that today we all accept that cotton garments and stuffed toys are best for  children health and are comfortable for all year round wear, we prefer to use it for our knits.

With this in mind, we thanks all the boutiques, stores and wholesalers who have work with us, and if you just know about us, you are welcome to carry our collection with our label or your own label. And if you have your own design ideas, you are welcome also to develop them with us.

Thank again you for visiting our site.

Coco Villar